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AstroBlog Mon Nov 28 2022

With Astro came speed

Rewrite of my website with

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Project Mon Nov 29 2021

Encadrement: November Update

Press Release and new cities

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Project Mon Jun 28 2021

Encadrement: June Update

Press Release and new cities

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Dokku Wed Apr 07 2021

Brand new website hosted on Dokku

I've decided to refresh my personal website.

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Conference Wed Nov 20 2019

Big Data World 2019 in short

Key takeaways from the conference.

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Python Fri Jul 26 2019

Ease your Machine Learning work with MLflow

MLflow is an open-source platform that helps to manage the ML lifecycle, including experimentation, reproducibility, and deployment.

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Kotlin Sun Apr 07 2019

Machine Learning with Kotlin

As Kotlin can leverage the JVM ecosystem, there are already good libraries to get things done.

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Python Sun Dec 09 2018

Share and deploy your Machine Learning services with Docker

Many resources focus on machine learning algorithms, which are really interesting, yet forget about the end of the cycle.

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Papers Fri Oct 12 2018

Technical Debt in Machine Learning

I have come across a very interesting paper about Technical debt in Machine Learning.

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Python Fri Sep 14 2018

Reproducible Python project with Pipenv

Pipenv provides a simple way to create and manage independent Python environment as well as installing/removing packages. Nowadays it is the recommended tool to handle your Python projects.

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Setup Fri Sep 07 2018

Deep Learning Setup on Windows 10

I used to work on a Mac and don't bother configuring for Deep Learning. However, as Windows is not supported by nvidia_docker, I had to find a way. Here is my new Deep Learning development setup on Windows 10.

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Others Mon Aug 20 2018

What does a Data Scientist do on a daily basis?

Data Scientist is often presented as the trendy job at the moment. As a consequence, many, including myself, try to find their way to get this job.

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